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July 27, 2009



Michael - I still think CEO blogs have an important role to play in all the standard benefits (establishing communication lines, building co awareness, etc). Auren Hoffman of Rapleaf does a particularly good job of doing this - he seems to use Twitter for short ideas and instant feedback, and the occasional long-form blog post to expand on a particular company-specific or personal topic of interest (basically any thought that is longer than 160 characters, although his tend to be on the short side which is nice for readers too)

Aliyu daku

I think I have read every word Michael wrote on this blog, but before you congratulate me, lets see why I read every thing on here.
I am a startup guy myself and reading through CEO blogs is a good way of getting some free advice and learning how the whole startup thing goes. And as long as people like me exist, CEO blogs are going to be read thoroughly.

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