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October 29, 2010


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Wow that is a really good article. I'm sure in this day and age of startups, we will see lots of partnerships.

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A friend of mine also says to get the legal stuff up front because everyone is on the "Honey Moon Stage" of a new biz. Just like every divorce, business's need the start up plan and closure of the business ahead of time.

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Making sure your legal dots and T's are crossed works best.

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Partnerships are always hard to manage because of too many implications.

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You should reconsider your options and opinions about this issue.

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I really liked your post describing various point so on partnerships. Too good work you have done.

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This is a great post! This is at the very core of my day-to-day duties. Do you have any tips of how to create that "sense of urgency" within the timeline of a big company, given that both agreed partnership would be of a great mutual value?

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